Conference Agenda & Proceedings

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Monday, 27 September | Day One
F Building, B2 Auditorium

8:30 Coffee & Registration 


Welcome Remarks:

Keynote Addresses:

  • Mr. Robert Madelin, the European Commission’s Director General for the Information Society and Media 
  • Ms. Mary Ellen Callahan, Chief Privacy Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security 
  • Mr. Timothy H. Edgar, Director of Privacy and Civil Liberties, Cybersecurity Directorate, National Security Staff, The White House  

Remarks from Satellite Countries:

Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Rwanda

10:30 Coffee Break

SESSION B: Designing and Implementing Secure ID Management Systems: Country Experiences
Chair:  Mr. Randeep Sudan, Lead ICT Policy Specialist, the World Bank

This session aims at showcasing successful national initiatives using federated and secure identity management solutions. The objective is to also discuss the challenges faced by governments in both developed and developing countries to implement these solutions and achieve substantial results and benefits for their citizens. Policy considerations for implementation, privacy issues in data usage/ownership, conditions that can foster an environment for successful deployment of identity solutions will be discussed by government representatives from Pakistan, Japan, New Zealand and Belgium.

12:30 Lunch in the Auditorium Foyer

SESSION C: Privacy and Identity Management: Two Critical Ingredients of Trusted Cloud Computing
Chair:  Mr. Jim Harper, Director of Information Policy Studies, the Cato Institute

Identity management is a critical component of data privacy, but identity management systems are often portrayed as either direct threats to personal privacy or as potential sources of privacy and security risk. This session explores the interrelationship of identity management, authentication and access controls to data privacy and work underway to ensure that identity management systems support privacy risk management and emerging trusted cloud computing models.

3:00 Break

SESSION D: What You Know-What You Have-What You Are: The Role of Hardware Technologies to Provide Identity Assurance
Chair: Mr. Philip Hoyer, Senior Architect, CTO Office, ActivIdentity

What is the best role for hardware-based authentication solutions - such as smart cards, smart phones, RFID devices and other hardware tokens - in identity management systems? How scalable are they, what deployments today have been successful, and what does the future hold for their use in large scale environments such as governments?

Day One Ends

Tuesday, 28 September | Identity Management Program (Day 2)

F Building, B2 Auditorium

8:30 Morning Coffee

SESSION E: Enabling Identity and Attributes between Federations and Governments
Chair: Mr. John Bradley, Trust Framework Specialist, Protiviti

Governments have new choices when it comes to working with the identities of their partners, citizens, and suppliers – choices that can reduce the cost of these relationships while increasing trust and creating new business opportunities. To support the scale and complexities of these choices, the breadth and depth of technology providers’ collaboration has expanded. Representing multiple points of view related to open identity, this panel discussion will summarize the development of trust models, operating rules, policies on privacy and security, mandatory guidelines and standards, open technology solutions and the politics of making a Federation between Industry and Government actually operational.

Coffee Break

SESSION F: Insuring Confidentiality: Encryption, Data Retrieval, Key Management Technologies
Chair: Mr. Jerry Smith,
Computer Scientist-International Standards Program (DISA), U.S. Department of Defense

What management technologies are available to ensure confidentiality as enterprises navigate to cloud solutions? This session looks at some approaches to managing operational risk by protecting valuable digital assets, achieving compliance with regulatory mandates, and leveraging industry standards for data confidentiality.

12:30 Lunch in the Auditorium Foyer

SESSION G: Managing Risk & Reducing Online Fraud Using New Security Technologies
Chair: Mr. Abbie Barbir,
VP, Senior Architect, Bank of America  

Building trusted identity systems and effectively deploying and managing online trust systems are critical components of cybersecurity and essential for reducing online fraud and cybercrime. Although some strategies recognize the value of anonymity for many online transactions and the need for reliable, low-assurance identity systems, sensitive and high-value transactions, such as online banking or accessing electronic health records, require strong linkages to trusted identities, role and context, and other attributes. As we move to federated systems, parties must have confidence in the underlying identity infrastructure. The speakers in this session will demonstrate real-world solutions, including technologies, standards and practices, to enable trust and support effective online risk management.

3:00 Break

SESSION H:  Security Gaps & Solutions in the Cloud
Chair: Mr. Anil Saldhana, Lead Middleware Security Architect, Red Hat Inc.

Cloud Computing has generated the buzz in recent times. Concerns of Security and Privacy have underscored the perceived benefits of Cloud Computing. While the industry has proceeded towards the Cloud, questions on security, privacy, regulations and liability still remain. Lack of security standards have been quoted as a big deterrent for cloud adoption. In this session, hear from Industry experts on how current security standards are providing solutions, as well as the gaps and challenges that cloud adopters still face.

Cocktail Reception at the Washington Marriott Hotel -- Georgetown I&II Ballroom
sponsored by IDtrust Members & IBM
All attendees are welcome

Wednesday, 29 September | Technical Committee Meetings

Morning Coffee
9:00 KMIP Technical Committee Meeting
West End Ballroom E - Washington Marriott Hotel
  IDCloud Technical Committee Meeting
West End Ballroom D - Washington Marriott Hotel
  PMRM Technical Committee Meeting
Room TBA
Technical Committee Meeting End

Thursday, 30 September | Technical Committee Meetings

Morning Coffee
9:00 KMIP Technical Committee Meeting
Dupont Salon F
Technical Committee Meeting End