Speaker Profile


William Barnhill, Software Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton

William Barnhill joined Booz Allen Hamilton in 2004. He specializes in leveraging emerging XML technologies for government applications and also is responsible for establishing processes and strategies for the design and implementation of net-centric solutions using Web services. Bill has over 15 years experience in software engineering, ranging from low level as an embedded systems developer, to high level as a Windows desktop application developer, web designer, systems integrator, and enterprise architect. Since 2000, Bill has increasingly focused on Web services; particularly on interoperating Web services to work with each other and with legacy systems. He is a founding member of the OASIS XDI TC, and a member of the OASIS XRI, WSBPEL, and SOA-RM TCs, as well as a member of the OASIS Technical Advisory Board.

Rex Brooks, President, CEO, Starbourne Communications Design

Rex Brook is the President and CEO of Starbourne Communications Design and graduate of the University of California Berkeley. His career in Advertising led to wider interests in Communications Design, combining technologies in print, film, video, multimedia and the worldwide web to improve the art and science of communications. Rex applies his many years of consulting towards improved understanding of private & public sectors & related disciplines. He has over five years experience creating information technology standards as part of industry-wide teams. As Executive Director of a Non-Profit organization, he has aimed at improving individual information quality and control in digital information technology. Rex chairs the Unified Platform Initiative of the Medical Banking Project, developing an e-health smart card that leverages the existing credit/debit card structure and system in the banking community and is capable of holding an individual's Personal Health Records, permissions for release of medical records in emergencies, verification of health care coverage or individual health savings accounts. Such a platform would also serve as a third leg to a multi-factor identity management system in accord with Department of Homeland Security interests. Rex is a co-founder Humanmarkup.org, Inc., which he serves as Executive Director. Rex also serves as co-chair of the OASIS Emergency Messages and Notifications Subcommittee of the Emergency Management Technical Committee (TC). He chairs the HumanMarkup TC, is a member of the International Health Continuum TC, as well as the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) and Service-Oriented Architecture Reference Model TCs . These activities contribute to improving interoperability of vocabularies and data models from different disciplines, as well as the fidelity of communications.

Peter Carbone, Vice President—Service Oriented Architecture, Nortel

Mr. Carbone is currently responsible for defining and implementing Nortel's vision and strategy for applications. Mr. Carbone is an experienced telecom executive known for his vision, technology leadership, and industry expertise built up over 29 years at the forefront of the digital, optical and wireless industry transformations. Mr. Carbone has held a diverse range of positions, including Chief Technology Officer for Nortel, General Manager Preside eCommerce, CTO Public Data Networks and VP - Systems Engineering. Prior to joining Nortel, Mr Carbone held leadership positions in Bell-Northern Research and Bell Canada. Mr. Carbone received a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Queens University and is currently Vice Chair of IT Association of Canada (ITAC), Chair of ITAC Committee on Global Competitiveness of Canada’s Knowledge Economy and is an advisory for several start-ups.

Symon Chang, Staff Software Engineer, BEA Systems

Symon Chang is a Staff Software Engineer at BEA Systems, developing Web Services solutions at BEA Systems. He is a voting member at OASIS WS-SX TC, and editor on WS-SecurityPolicy 1.2 Example Document. Prior to BEA, he was Sr. Security Architect implemented Web Services security solutions at BlueTitan, TIBCO and CommerceOne. He also held positions with Internet Image Inc, Bank of America, and taught at Golden Gate University and National University. Symon Chang has heavily participated open standard works in various standard bodies, including OASIS WSS-TC, W3C WS-Policy WG, WS-I BSP WG, and WSTF. He holds four pending patents on Web Services security policy area. He received his MBA Degree from Golden Gate University, and M.S. Degree from San Jose State University.

Cho, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Pyounguk Cho, CISSP, is a a Principal Product Manager for Java Platform Group at Oracle, focusing on Web services and SOA area for OC4J (Oracle Container for Java). Pyounguk sits on the OASIS technical committees, and has spoken at the OASIS Open Standards Forum, Oracle Open World on SOA, and has authored technical papers on Web services. Pyounguk, having worked as a consultant previously, specializes in SOA & Security with vast hands-on experiences for real-world projects.

William Cox, Principal, Cox Software Architects LLC

William Cox, Ph.D., is Principal Architect in Cox Software Architects LLC, which supports standards and software projects from early definition to delivery. He is an elected member of the OASIS Technical Advisory Board. Bill has led and worked with standards activities in OASIS, ebXML, the Java Community Process, Object Management Group, IEEE POSIX, and other private and public consortia. He has developed enterprise product architectures for Bell Labs, Unix System Labs, Novell, and BEA. Bill was lead architect for Unix System V Release 4 and of follow-on highly scalable and secure Unix systems, service-oriented architectures, Java and directory APIs for Novell, Web services and XML messaging and distributed transaction systems, and other enterprise software. He earned a Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jean-Sebastien Delfino, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Burlingame Lab

Jean-Sebastien Delfino is a Senior Technical Staff Member at the IBM Burlingame Lab. Currently Jean-Sebastien is working on the Service Component Architecture and the Apache Tuscany project. He has been working on SOA for more than 5 years as a technical lead in the WebSphere Process Server team and previously in the WebSphere Studio tooling team at the IBM Toronto Lab. Jean-Sebastien has over 15 years experience in software development and system integration. Prior to joining IBM he worked for Atos-Origin on a number of integration projects for European top companies in the bank, insurance and telecom sectors and various government agencies including the European Commission.

Mike Edwards, Strategist, Emerging Technologies, IBM

Mike Edwards has worked in software with IBM for 25 years. Mike's current work is on Service Oriented Architecture and he is co-chair of the OASIS SCA Assembly technical committee, having worked on the Service Component Architecture specifications for the last 4 years. Mike has previously worked on Web services and on Java, where he has been a member of a number of JCP expert groups. Over the years Mike also worked on OS/2 Presentation Manager, on Electronic documentation systems and on Computer Telephony and call center software.

Raymond Feng, Senior Software Engineer, IBM

Raymond Feng is a Senior Software Engineer with IBM. He is now a committer of Apache Tuscany open source project working on the Service Component Architecture (SCA) runtime. Raymond has been developing SOA platform for more than 5 years and is one of the pioneers implementing SCA. Prior to this role he was a key developer and team lead for WebSphere Process Server products since 2002.

Agata Filipowska, Teaching and Research Assistant, Poznan University of Economics

Agata Filipowska is a Teaching and Research Assistant at Poznan University of Economics, Department of Information Systems. She teaches courses on business process modelling, software engineering and management information systems. Agata Filipowska has a Master of Science from Poznan University of Economics (received in 2004, Summa Cum Laude). From 2004 she has been involved in projects funded by European Commission - ASG, SUPER and USE-ME.GOV. Moreover, Agata Filipowska chaired Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Business Information Systems from 2004 to 2006. Her main areas of interest include information retrieval and filtering, information extraction and service oriented architectures.

Shel Finkelstein, Research Director for Advanced Web Technologies, SAP Research

Shel Finkelstein is Research Director for Advanced Web Technologies at SAP's Palo Alto Research Center. At Sun Microsystems; Shel managed J2EE Architecture and partnership relationships, including creation of specifications including Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Message Service, and J2EE itself, and subsequently was a Technical Director with cross-organizational responsibilities in a range of areas, including XML and Web Services. Shel has broad experience in database, transaction processing and distributed systems. He was a Research Staff Member and manager at IBM Almaden Research Center (System R, Highly Available Systems, Starburst), a senior developer at Tandem Computers (Transaction Management Facility, System Managed Storage), and had senior roles at two database startups. He is on the steering committee for the biennial High Performance Transaction Systems workshop, and served as Program Committee chairman in 2003.

Randy George, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

Randy George is a Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM’s Tivoli Systems Division, Software Group. Randy is a long-time member and subject matter expert in the OASIS SDD Technical Committee. His previous assignments in IBM include operating system development, software distribution management and Autonomic Computing architecture; the latter led to the OASIS submission of the basis for the SDD standard.

Jelena Isacenkova, Institut Eurecom France

Jelena Isachenlova has joined Institut Eurécom in July 2007 and is one of the leading developers of the R4eGov project prototype. Prior to joining Institut Eurécom Jelena worked as an software analyst-developer responsible for analysis, design and development of Web and SOA based systems, integration of GIS software into custom-built systems. The SOA-based systems became the main interest of Jelena's research, she pursues the security, trust and privacy direction of SOA-based/WS-based solutions.

Eric Johnson, Principal Architect, TIBCO Softrware Inc.

Eric Johnson has been doing software development since the days of the Commodore VIC-20. These days, however, Eric specializes in enterprise software development, mostly in Java. He has been working at TIBCO for about seven years, working on XML technologies for about half of that time. Recent efforts include architecture and design for high-availability, fault tolerance, and service governance. In addition to those efforts, Eric has been working on various standards on behalf of TIBCO, including SOAP/JMS and SCA.

Ian Jones, Web Services, B2B & SOA International Standards Manager, British Telecommunications plc

Ian Jones has worked in the area of EDI, B2B, Web Services and related Internet technologies for many years, starting with EDI in 1990. He has been involved in ebXML since its inauguration in 1999 and has chaired the Messaging Services TC since its creation in OASIS. He also has a long history of varied software and systems development in many minor and major technologies and systems within the telecommunications industry. Ian is currently the Web Services, B2B & SOA International Standards Manager for BT plc.

Youngkon Lee, Professor, Korea Polytechnic University

Youngkon Lee received his Ph.D. in Information and Communication. From 1997-2004, he worked at e-Biz R&D Center and POSDATA. From 2005-until now, Youngkon had been working at the Korea Polytechnic University. He is a member of ISO/IEC SC32/WG1 and TC 154, and editor of the OASIS WSQM TC.

Andy Lee, Director, Changfeng Alliance

Andy Lee, Ph.D., heads the technical committee of China's Changfeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance. His accomplishments in the area of open standards includes: the development of cnXML, a project which introduced XML technology to China's IT industry; the development of an XML standard suite in China's e-Government reference model and reference architecture; key participation in the adoption of ebXML as China's national eBusiness standard; recognition of Rossettanet as the official e-Logistical standard for China; and the development of SOA EERP, which is regarded as an emerging industry standard in next generation enterprise applications. Andy has also served as China's senior eBusiness advisor and acted as the national major eBusiness project technical reviewer since 2002. He holds a Master's degree in fluid dynamics from Shanghai JiaoTong University and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Hal Lockhart, Principal Engineering Technologist, BEA Systems

Hal Lockhart is a Senior Principal Engineering Technologist in the Office of the CTO of BEA Systems. He represents BEA in information security-related standards activities at various bodies including OASIS, WS-I, EPCGlobal, JCP, W3C, Liberty Alliance, OMG and Open Group. At OASIS he is the co-chair of the XACML TC, co-chair of the Security Services (SAML) TC, and an active member of a number of other TCs, including the WS-SX TC. He was the OASIS Coordinator for the June 2007 XACML Interop demonstration. He was twice elected to the OASIS Technical Advisory Board where has served as co-chair for the last two years. He is a frequent speaker on standards and technology at public events around the world. In his more than 30 years in the software industry, he has worked in nearly every aspect of the business. He has been an application developer, kernel engineer, systems architect, engineering manager, operations manager, consultant, author, Director of Security and standards representative. He has worked in development, operations, service delivery, marketing and sales, in large companies and small ones as well as consulting at many Fortune 500 companies.

Francis McCabe, Research Scientist, SandPiper

Francis McCabe, Ph.D. is an Individual Member of OASIS working in Palo Alto, California. He serves as secretary of the OASIS SOA Reference Model Technical Committee and chairs its SOA Reference Architecture Subcommittee. Frank has been active in OASIS, W3C, OMG, JCP and other standards organizations. His previous employers include the Imperial College of London and Fujitsu Laboratories in Japan. One of his main areas of interest is the architecture of distributed multi-owner systems. Frank holds a Ph.D. in Logic and Object Oriented programming.

Tim McGrath, Managing Director, Document Engineering Services Ltd.

Tim McGrath is recognized as a leader in the introduction of Internet technologies to the EDI and e-commerce marketplace in Australia, specifically in the areas of international trade and transport. Tim was an active participant in the development of the ISO 15000(ebXML) framework. He led the Quality Review Team for the ebXML initiative between 2000 and 2002, was a member of the ebXML Steering Committee. In 2005 he published (with Bob Glushko) “Document Engineering: Designing Documents for Business Informatics and Web Services” from MIT Press. Document Engineering synthesizes complementary ideas from information and systems analysis, electronic publishing, business process analysis, and business informatics to ensure that the documents and processes make sense to the people and applications that need them. He is currently the Vice-chair of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Technical Committee. Over the past 2 years Tim has been promoting UBL and the Document Engineering approach in Denmark, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and China. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Information Processing) and brings to the field 20 years experience of business process and data analysis for inter-organizational information system design.

Brent Miller, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

Brent A. Miller is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Chief Architect in IBM Tivoli’s Autonomic Computing Division, which is enabling self-management of information technology systems. He has led several software development teams in printers, mobile computers and network computing. His expertise includes adaptivity, printing, service discovery, pervasive computing and autonomic computing. Brent has published numerous papers and holds several patents in these areas. Brent has also been involved in several mobile computing industry consortia and task forces. He currently chairs the Solution Deployment Descriptor technical committee in the OASIS standards body. His past standards experience includes chairing the Service Discovery task force of the Software Working Group for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), co-chairing the device discovery working group of the Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) and serving on the steering committee of the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Forum. He is principal author of the book, Bluetooth Revealed and a contributing author to the Internet Encyclopedia and the Handbook of Information Security. Brent holds a B.S. in Computer and Information Science from The Ohio State University. He can be reached by e-mail at bamiller@us.ibm.com.

Bill Nichols, Program Director, Securities Systems, Financial and Information Services Division (FISD)

Bill is Program Director for Securities Processing Automation for FISD. In this role, he concentrates on the intersections between technology and business practice. Special emphasis is in the areas of Standards, where he manages the Standards Steering Committee, Shadow Groups to track Standards developments, represents FISD members on several ISO Committees and is responsible for maintaining MDDL. Nichols was Co-founder/CEO of a research firm acquired by Thomson in 1995, after which he spent 7 years at Thomson Financial. He has an extensive background in Internet architecture and business models, and was retained as an expert witness regarding online traffic and advertising models in Homestore vs. AOL.
Prior to joining FISD/SIIA the past few years were spent consolidating portfolio companies for venture-backed entities. Most recently, he was consulting on compliance-related product development for Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance offerings.

Arshad Noor, CTO, StrongAuth Inc.

Arshad Noor is the CTO of Sunnyvale, CA-based StrongAuth, Inc, a company that focuses on Identity Management, Enterprise Key Management and Compliance Workflow Management software solutions. He is the architect and lead-developer of the open-source Symmetric Key Management software, StrongKey, whose protocol was donated to OASIS for standardization. He is the Chair of the OASIS Enterprise Key Management Infrastructure Technical Committee and a Steering Committee member of the OASIS IDtrust Member Section.

Barry Norton, Research Fellow, The Open University

Barry Norton is a Research Fellow at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University in the UK. He has presented in six previous tutorials on Semantic Business Process Management and Semantic Web Services and is the co-founder of the Young Researchers' Workshop on Service-Oriented Computing. He is a member of the OASIS Technical Committee on Semantic Execution Environments co-editor of the Semantic SOA Reference Ontology and author for the Semantic SOA Reference Architecture. He is also an active member of the Web Services Modeling Ontology working group.

Sanjay Patil, Standards Architect, SAP Labs

Sanjay Patil is a Standards Architect at SAP Labs, Palo Alto. Sanjay is actively involved in standardization of business process platform technologies under many bodies including OASIS, WS-I and JCP. He currently co-chairs the OASIS Web Services Reliable Exchange (WS-RX) Technical Committee and the OASIS Service Component Architecture BPEL (SCA BPEL) Technical Committee. His areas of interest include SOA, Enterprise Service Bus, Web Services, Eventing, Composition Technologies and Java EE.

Ian Robinson, IBM STSM, WebSphere Transactions Architect, IBM

Dr. Ian Robinson is the Transaction Architect for WebSphere Application Server and has worked at IBM's Hursley Lab in the UK since 1990. Ian's involvement with transaction processing goes back over most of his IBM career, where he also led the transaction service development for IBM's CORBA application server, Component Broker, and worked in CICS development before that. Ian is co-chair of the OASIS WS-Tx technical committee and active in a number of other industry software standards efforts. He was the specification lead for JSR 95 (J2EE Activity Service) and the IBM lead for the CORBA Activity service which specified additional structuring mechanisms for the Object Transaction Service (OTS).

Dumitru Roman, Researcher, Digital Enterprise Research Institute, University of Innsbruck

Dumitru Roman works as a researcher at Semantic Technology Institute Innsbruck in the area of semantically-enabled service-oriented architectures. Since joining STI Innsbruck (formally called DERI Innsbruck) he has been involved in several FP5 FP6 and FP7 EU funded projects e.g. SWWS DIP ASG SWING SUPER etc. in the area of semantic Web and Web services. He is the main author of the Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO) and co-authored many WSMO related publications including the Springer book Enabling Semantic Web Services". Before joining STI Innsbruck, Dumitru received a Diploma Engineer in Computer Science from the University of Cluj-Napoca Romania. His previous research includes composition of semantically enabled services in the context of open agent architectures planning techniques reconfigurable hardware-software co-design and networking (he is also CCNA). Dumitru Roman initiated and chaired various conferences and workshops in the area of service-orientation e.g. ICIW MoSO SerComp mda4soa semantics4ws etc. and currently serves as an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Web Services Practices (IJWSP) and Guest Editor of the Special Issue on Mobile Services and Ontologies (International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems). He has been an invited speaker and have given tutorials at various events on several topics including Semantic Web knowledge representation Web Services and service-orientation.

Michael Rowley, Office of the CTO, BEA Systems

Michael Rowley works on standards in BEA’s office of the CTO. He is currently one of the 7 elected members of the OASIS steering committee for the Open Composite Services Architecture (OpenCSA) Member Section, which is overseeing the standardization of SCA and SDO. He is co-chair of the SCA-J TC (for the SCA Java specs) and one of the editors for the SCA Assembly and SCA BPEL specifications. Michael was also heavily involved in the development of the SCA before the 1.0 versions were created and submitted to OASIS. He has also worked on the Service Data Objects (SDO) specification. Prior to working in the office of the CTO, he worked in product development as an architect on WebLogic Integration, AquaLogic Service Bus and WebLogic Server. Prior to working at BEA, Michael Rowley got his Ph.D. from UCLA in the area of object-oriented databases and later worked on database and business process management software at Object Design, Inc.

Marwan Sabbouh, Principal Engineer, The Mitre Corporation

Marwan Sabbouh is a Principal Engineer at The MITRE Corporation of the Web of Mashups and Metadata research program where a Web User is both a programmer and a metadata creator. In the past, Marwan represented MITRE in the W3C Web Ontology Working group and in the W3C SOAP working group. His background is in Web infrastructure, Semantic Web, Distributed Object Systems, Information and Library Science. Prior to working at The MITRE Corporation, Marwan worked at Silverplatter Information (now part of Kluwer) where I was the director of Internet technology.

Rakesh Saha, Lead Developer for Oracle Fusion Middleware Integration Platform, Oracle

Rakesh Saha is a lead developer for Oracle Fusion Middleware Integration Platform with 7 years of experience in integration platform technologies. He has filed patents on the area of automated schema mapping. Lately he is researching and blogging on usage of mashup technologies for enterprise integration. He was also part of OASIS BPEL 2.0 technical committee. Rakesh holds a bachelor degree from IIT Kharagpur with concentration in Computer Science & Engineering.

Doug Shoupp, Principal, Managing Director, Dallas, Deloitte Consulting LLP

A Principal in our Technology practice and a former CIO & COO of an online service company, Doug brings over 20 years of technology solution experience in solution design, development, testing and deployment. He provides large scale, N-Tier technology architecture, design and implementation experience to our largest clients focusing primarily in online and customer transaction solutions. He provides a business-grounded approach to technology architecture and a pragmatic, results focused perspective in defining and meeting business objectives through the innovative use of technology. His background includes a strong focus in application architecture, performance engineering, n-tier transaction optimization, and services architecture. He views solution metrics and manageability as key tools in establishing and then improving the effectiveness of transactional platforms. In addition to leading technology delivery projects, he also serves as the managing director of the Dallas consulting practice, leads the Mid-America region TMT Industry practice and sits on several firm leadership committees.

Raj Singh, Director Interoperability Program, Open Geospatial Consortium

Raj Singh helps run the Interoperability Program for the Open Geospatial Consortium www.opengeospatial.org. He works on interoperable technology prototyping projects, helps design geospatial information architectures, and manages OGCNetwork--OGC's site for developers and architects. Recently, he helped design GeoRSS (georss.org) and helped develop the Geospatial Profile of the Federal Enterprise Architecture. Dr. Singh also leads OGC's mass market efforts to better align geospatial standards with the general IT industry.

David Staggs, Chief Health Informatics Office, Emerging Health Technologies, U.S. Veterans Health Administration

David Staggs supports Standards and Community Architecture and the Chief Health Informatics Offices of the Veterans Health Administration. With over 25 years experience in computer engineering, his focus is now on application security and healthcare informatics. Mr. Staggs is currently involved with several standards organizations including HITSP, ASTM, HL7 and OASIS. David is a licensed patent attorney and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Adomas Svirskas, Researcher, Institut Eurecom

Adomas Svirskas has more than 15 years of ICT experience in academic (Lithuania, USA, UK, France) and commercial sectors, including leading e-business companies in Europe and the USA (Trilogy, SAP, Kiala). Adomas' professional expertise covers a range of sectors including automotive, banking, telecom, e-logistics and media business solutions. His main professional/research interests are related Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based solutions, Service Choreographies for Interoperability, application of Web 2.0 technologies and SOA/WS Security solutions.

Doug Tidwell, Senior Software Engineer, IBM

Doug Tidwell is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM. He was a speaker at the first XML conference in 1997, and has spoken on technical topics around the world. He works in IBM’s Software Strategy group, evangelizing emerging XML standards such as XForms, SCA and SDO. He is the author of O’Reilly’s XSLT, and has written many articles on IBM’s developerWorks site and elsewhere on the Web. He lives with his wife, daughter and dog in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

John Turato, Vice President of Technology, Avis Budget Group

John Turato is Vice President of Technology at Avis Budget Group; the parent company of Avis Rent A Car and Budget Rent A Car. He was named to this position in 2001. He is responsible for Technology Strategy, Architecture, R&D, Network Engineering, Data Security, and Field Engineering. He also serves as Chairman of the OpenTravel Alliance (OTA), a travel trade group dedicated to enabling e-commerce over the Internet. Prior to this position he was Director of e-Business Strategy with Avis. He joined Wizcom and Avis in 1998 and held various positions in Information Technology. Prior to joining the company, Turato was with SIAC, supporting the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). He also worked in Engineering and held various positions with Lockheed Martin, Loral, Unisys, and Sperry. Turato has been an Adjunct Professor at New York Institute of Technology and has also taught at Hofstra University and City University of New York (CUNY). He earned a Bachelor of Engineering from Hofstra University and a Master of Business Administration, also from Hofstra University.

John Wilmes, Chief Technical Architect, Progress Software and TM Forum Representative

John Wilmes is Chief Technical Architect, Communications Sector, Progress Software. Before joining Progress, he served as the CTO of Ceon Corporation, guiding the architecture of Ceon’s next-generation product lifecycle management, order management, and service activation products. Previously, John led the design and development of flow-through provisioning solutions for tier-1 service providers at Evolving Systems, and was instrumental in the design and development of automated fault management and manufacturing systems at Digital Equipment Corporation. John is co-chair of the TM Forum’s SID Technical Program, co-lead of the NGOSS Service Assurance API team, and an active member of several other TM Forum technical programs. John is a member of the IEEE and holds a BS in Computer Science from Regis University, Colorado.