Adopting SOA for Telecom Workshop

workshop overview

The advent of converged networks, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services and Business Process Modeling (BPM) provides a technological opportunity for modern telecommunications carriers and enterprises for developing intelligent network based services through the use of intelligent integration middleware. Today, SOA which was devised to solve business problems associated with intra- and inter-company cooperation is renewing the promise of simplifying telecommunications service combination and orchestration. As such, Communication Enabled Applications (CEA) is emerging as an integral component of unifying IT and network based services and applications.

In an SOA environment, there are mismatches between the requirements of the IT world and those of the telecommunications world in such areas as security, raw performance, service availability and important characteristic of telecommunications services such service level agreements(SLAs). Given the number and complexity of these mismatches, it is reasonable to assume that the task of integrating SOA in Telecommunications environment is challenging.

This workshop aims to discuss the current limitations of adopting SOA in the Telecommunication field.  The workshop is sponsored by Alcatel Lucent, Nortel and IBM.

*Attendance at the Telecom Workshop is free with the Forum registration and also available separately.

Workshop Programme Committee:

  • Michael Giordano (Avaya)
  • Abbie Barbir (Nortel)
  • Hanane Becha (Nortel)
  • Tony Nadaline (IBM)
  • Stephane Maes (Oracle)
  • Sune Jakobsson (Telenor)
  • Rakesh Radhakrishnan (Sun Microsystems)
  • Ian Jones (BT)