Open Standards Forum 2008 - Security Challenges for the Information Society, 30 September - 1 October 2008, Ditton Manor, Near London

Tuesday, 30 September


*subject to change

Adopting SOA for Telecom Workshop Programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee
Session Chair: Abbie Barbir, Nortel
9:00 Welcome Remarks
Abbie Barbir, Co-Chair, OASIS Telecom Member Section

Opening Keynote: Providers Perspectives on SOA in Telecom
Dave Elmendorf, Director 21CN Voice & Multimedia, BT
Session Chair: Sune Jakobsson, Telenor

9:45 Panel on Embedding Communications into IT Applications: A Vendor Perspective

This panel session will focus on what vendors are doing to accelerate the adoption of SOA in the Telecom space. What their strategy will be for supporting Telecom services as part of a business flow? What predictions they may have on SOA in Telecom, as well as their business process as a whole? And what challenges and successes they've had with SOA?

  • Angelo Morelli, Executive Partner, Communications and High Tech, Accenture
  • Michael Giordano, Director of Application Architecture and SOA, Avaya
  • Stephane Maes, Chief Architect & CTO, Oracle
  • Rakesh Radhakrishnan, Senior IT Architect, Sun Microsystems
10:45 Coffee Break
Session Chair: Michael Giordano, Avaya

11:00 Challenges of Telecom Services in SOA Environment: Lessions Learned and Case Studies

This session will focus on current limitations or mismatches of SOA in implementing Telecom specific solutions. Uses cases will be used to illustrate how to solve some of these limitations. Presenters will also suggest possible improvements to current standards, as well as, what new standards are needed to address the limitations.

Topics will include:

  • Management of services in market place
  • Nature of performance characteristics of telecom environment such as availability
  • Creation and composition of services
  • Third party market place web 2.0
  • End-to-end integration of OSS/BSS systems
  • Asynchronous, event and stateful services

  • Digital Identities for Networks and Convergence
    Amardeo Sarma, Senior Manager, NEC Laboratories Europe
  • Operator Perspective: Dealing with Issues & Relationships in a Changing Eco-system
    Edin Bektesevic, Senior Technology Strategist, Vodafone
  • Service Oriented Architecture and Use of SOA at Telenor Nordic
    Sune Jakobsson, Research Scientist, Telenor
  • Overcoming the Deployment Blues: Preparing for Comms Enablement
    Will Hern, Architect, Nortel
  • Elements of SOA in TM Forum’s Service Delivery Framework and its Usecases
    Lucia Gradinariu, Senior Advisor, CA, Inc. &
    Stephane Maes, Chief Architect & CTO, Oracle
  • SOA Security Challenges, Patterns and Solutions
    Martin Borrett, Security Architect Lead, IBM
13:00 Luncheon
Session Chair: Stephane Maes, Oracle

14:00 SOA Solutions in Telecom Today

This session focuses on current used SOA solutions in the Telecom space. Presentations should focus on use-cases illustrating success stories and suggest possible improvement to current standards.

Topics will include:

  • Telecom user centric services
  • Communication enabled applications
  • Mobility, converged and multimedia applications
  • Telecom service life cycle management (provisioning, activation, etc.)

  • Service Oriented Authorisation for Managing Services and Devices in Telecommunication Networks
    Babak Sadighi, Co-Founder & CEO, Axiomatics
  • Identity Based Contextual Composition of Converged Services
    Rakesh Radhakrishnan, Senior IT Architect, Sun Microsystems and Brenda Connor, Portfolio Manager, Ericsson, Inc.
  • Services Exploiting SOA and Web Service Technology in Modern Telcos
    James Aitken, Principal Solutions Evangelist, Aepona Ltd.
  • Microsoft Mediaroom as a SOA for IPTV
    Antonio Fontan, Microsoft
15:20 Coffee Break
Session Chair: Ian Jones, BT
Telecom Standards

Each speaker in this session will share their views on the adoption of SOA in the Telecom industry. Discussions will include different perspectives on what needs to be done and when.

  • OMG Perspective on Standards
    Hanane Becha, Key Member-Strategic Standards Development Team, Nortel (representing OMG)
  • OMA Perspective on Standards
    Musa Unmehopa, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Alcatel-Lucent (representing OMA)
  • TM Forum Perspective on Standards
    Tony Richardson, Senior Program Manager for the Service Delivery Framework (SDF) Programme, TM Forum
  • Towards a SOA/WS Enabled NGN Open Service Envornment: Ongoing Developments in ITU-T SG13
    Marco Carugi, Senior Advisor, Nortel (representing ITU-T)
Session Chair: Abbie Barbir, Nortel

Closing Remarks
Speaker: Enrico Ronco, Project Manager, Telecom Italia
17:30 Workshop Ends