A Workshop on SOA & Web Services for ICT Solutions for Tax & Public Revenue - 19 February 2009 - Brussels, Belgium

Presenter Profiles

Mr. Jan Augustijnen, eCustoms Consultant, IBM Belgium

Jan Augustijnen has been working in the system integration space for nearly 17 years pre-dominantly specializing in Enterprise Application Integration, e-Business and Service Oriented Architecture.  As an IT Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM, Mr. Augustijnen has executed diverse systems integration projects in various sectors like finance, distribution, industrial and public using a wide variety of integration technologies and standards, including OASIS.

Recently, Mr. Augustijnen has specialized in the eCustoms business domain ( the EU Multi Annual Strategic Plan) leading to the implementation of the MASP program in the Belgium Ministry of Finance. As a side effect, Mr. Augustijnen is now active for IBM on a European level to evangelize and promote SOA as an enabler of the IBM eCustoms framework.

Mr. Peter Brown, OASIS Board Director, and Managing Director of Pensive S.A.

Peter Brown serves on the Outreach and Staffing Committees of the OASIS Board; his term extends to July 2009. Mr. Brown is Founder and Managing Director of Pensive S.A., a software solutions company for information-driven enterprise, based in Brussels, Belgium.   He is currently also Chair of the "eGovernment Focus group" set up by the European standards agency, CEN, and is an active member of OASIS and co-editor of the SOA-RM OASIS Standard.

Most of Mr. Brown's career to date has been working in the European public service - five years for the Council of Europe until 1989 and then for the European Parliament, where his work over 16 years has covered all aspects of the organization's work, from running the leader's office of the largest political group, acting as a political adviser, developing (pre-Web) online information networks, through to developing organization-wide information architecture and involving the Parliament in standards and consortium work. His most recent assignment before founding Pensive, was to join the Austrian Government's EU eGovernment Strategy unit as a senior adviser. Mr. Brown's areas of professional interest cover semantic technologies, identity management, SOA and information management. 

Mr. Louis Collet, IT Director of the SPFF, Belgian Federal Ministry of Finance

Louis Collet, coming from the Civil Service, belongs today to the limited circle of ‘‘Top Managers’’ which has been widely talked about this year.  ICT Manager of the Federal Public Service Finance, he directly reports to the President and he belongs to the Management Committee.  Double formation (Economy and Tax with the highest final exam).  Since a few years, he has been working on a radical revision of the applications of the Federal Public Service Finance with the intention of transforming this organization into a ‘‘service facility’’.  Mr. Collet manages a team of 600 persons and has about 30.000 internal users.  His challenge: to achieve the ICT consolidation of an organization that we all know very well: the Federal Public Service Finance.  The yearly budget of Louis Collet amounts to 101 millions €, of which 56 millions of  extraordinary budget is used to finance the consolidation of the Federal Public Service Finance’s ICT.

Dr. Andreas Ebert, Regional Technology Advisor, Microsoft EMEA

Andreas Ebert joined Microsoft in 1991. His current focus and interest is on the economic impact of technological developments, software ecosystems and technology policy. Mr. Ebert has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry ranging from software development, raising and establishing a consulting organization to general manager for Microsoft Austria.  Since 2004, Mr. Ebert increasingly focused his work on the broader applicability of interoperability, standardization, security and privacy. 

Mr. Xavier Fournier-Morel, Technical Director, SQLI Consulting, Lausanne, Case Study of the Canton de Vaud Administration, Switzerland and Co-author of SOA-le Guide de l'Architecte IT

Xavier Fournier-Morel has 18 years of experience on IS/IT architecture, most specifically for large international accounts, industries and governemental organizations. He has worked in several countries (France, Switzerland, USA, UK, Western Europe, Africa), in particular seven years for an American PDM vendor, and nine years for a integrator consulting firm. He joined the Innovation & Technology department of SQLI, and is conducting consulting as well as ICT research, trainings and conferences on several domains of expertise (content management, information integration, XML technologies, IT performance and SOA).

Currently Regional Technical Director at SQLI Switzerland in charge of several architecture teams, Mr. Fournier-Morel wrote multiple analysis and publications for IT press magazines or the Internet (ZDNet, IBCom, etc.) and is co-author of the book "SOA : Le guide de l'architecte IT".

Mr. Frank Leyman, Manager, International Relations, EU STORK Project

Frank Leyman holds a Master degree in Marketing and in Applied economics from the University of Mons in Belgium.
He started his career with IBM Belgium as a Telecom Marketing Specialist. After 6 years, Mr. Leyman joined the Belgian national Telecom operator BELGACOM, where he was in charge of setting up the Corporate Services Sector. After three years, he was appointed as Distribution Channels Director for the Belgacom Group. In 1999, Mr. Leyman left Belgacom for a more international carreer by joining the company PROTON WORLD. This company is specialized in large scale smartcard based projects.

Mr. Leyman has been in charge of business development in the Middle-East and African Region and has co-developed the complete Government offering. Since mid 2005, he has worked for FEDICT (the Federal Public Service for ICT) where he manages International Relations, as well as the relations with European Commission, UN and OECD.  Mr. Leyman is 47, married and has two boys.

Ms. Mariette Lokin, Coordinator & Senior Policy Advisor, Netherlands Ministry of Justice (Dutch XBL)

Mariette Lokin started her career as a law drafter at the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture in 1989. In '93 she moved to the Ministry of Justice, where she joined the Department for Legislative Quality Policy, and became responsible for the assesment of draft legislation of all ministries for which the Ministry of Justice is responsible, and for the coordination of initatives for the reduction of administrative burdens within the Ministry of Justice itself. One of the main initiatives in this field is the Dutch Taxonomy Project, of which she is now delegate commissioner. The project aimes at reducing admin burdens for businesses using the open standard XBRL, SOA and web services in annual accounting, tax filing and statistics.

Inspired by experiences and lessons learned in the Dutch Taxonomy Project, she is currently - in her recently acquired position of Chief Legal Knowledge Center - setting up a programme for standardization and ICT-support in legislation and the legislative process, called LEGIS.

Mr. Reidar Nybø, Administrator, OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, formerly Director of IT Operations in the Norwegian Revenue Service, Directorate of Taxes, Norway

Mr. Reidar Nybø, MSc, is on secondment to the OECD Paris. He works with the Forum on Tax Administration’s Sub-Group for Taxpayer Services and the Forum’s Task group for Electronic Audit.  He has been in charge of IT strategy and operations as head of the IT department in  Directorate of Taxes, Norway for many years. Mr. Nybø made a substantial contribution both to the government citizenportal and the businessportal. They have both received international and national awards.  Before entering the Directorate of Taxes, he was a researcher, computer science, at Norwegian Computing Center (NCC) and Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (NDRE). He holds a MSc in Physics/Computer Science from Norwegian Institute of Technology.

Mr. Satya Prasad Sahu, Technical Officer/Administrateur Tecnique, World Customs Organisation

Satya Prasad Sahu is currently responsible for the development of data and messaging standards in the B2G, G2B and G2G domains involving cross-border trade. He is part of the team that defines Information Technology standards, guidelines Customs administrations as they take on the role in the 21st Century as the protectors at that national borders and collectors of government revenue.   IT in customs is seen as the centre piece in a nation’s quest for competitiveness in terms of providing an enabling environment for business. With focus now shifting on joined-up services, Mr. Sahu is leading the effort in defining a data model including a domain XML vocabulary that underpins the Single Window Environment, loose constructs that symbolizes the quest of Government agencies and business to provide IT solution that lets a user consume services in relation to cross-border trade and the Supply chain from a single facility. Mr. Sahu is experienced Customs IT infrastructure matters especially, Corporate Data Networks, the G2B infrastructure including EC/EDI gateway architecture, data networking, UML modeling, XML Schemas and data structures (including UN EDIFACT) as they relate to messaging. 

Mr. Sahu holds a Masters in Computer Science and in Business Administration. He is presently participating in the major cross-industry data standards efforts proceedings in ISO TC/154 and ISO TC/8 (for ISO 28005). He has been part of several eGovernance projects in India and has worked in the data standards domain for the past ten years. 

Mr. Frank Steimke, eGovernment Department, Finance Senate, Bremen, Germany

Frank Steimke was born in 1962, and is a Computer Scientist.  Mr. Steimke has been working on standardization since the early 1990s, starting as a Founding Member of the German Chapter of the HL7 Technical Committee (public health sector).  He has been working for the ministry of finance in the German Federal State Bremen since 1998.  Mr. Steimke is the head of the OSCI Co-ordination Office.

Dirk Van Rooy, DG Information Society & Media, European Commission

Dirk van Rooy has been working for the European Commission since 1993, in the Directorate-General Information Society and Media and its predecessors. Dirk van Rooy's current main area of responsibility is the coordination of activities in the ICT research program related to trust and security, focusing on technologies for identity management, privacy enhancing technologies and secures information management. Earlier areas of work have included software and services, including open source software and the application of information technology to transport and environmental control.

Prior to joining the Commission, Dirk van Rooy worked in the software industry in several international companies. Dirk van Rooy holds a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark, where he worked on stochastic simulation and applied mathematical modeling techniques.