A Workshop on SOA & Web Services for ICT Solutions for Tax & Public Revenue - 19 February 2009 - Brussels, Belgium

About the Workshop

Workshop is jointly organised by the OASIS eGov Member Section and the Belgian Federal Ministry of Finance [SPFF]

The objective of this one day Workshop is to introduce ICT solutions in the context of public finance, including tax, benefits and payments and exchange experience amongst professionals of use cases focusing on SOA [Service oriented architecture] and web-based services.

The Workshop will bring together a wide range of officials from various ministries concerned with tax, revenue and related public finance issues, members of the secretariats of several international and European organizations, and representatives of technology companies and industry/trade associations.

The OASIS eGovernment Member Section has developed the Workshop to promote interoperability and the use of open standards in this rapidly expanding sector, which is forecast to continue to grow despite the financial crises afflicting major markets.

The four main themes will be: Advancing Open Standards in Government using SOA and web services; second, Exchange of SOA Experience in the revenue and tax sector; third, International Cross-border use cases; and fourth, Practical Solutions for Consumers/Citizens and Tax-payers.

Why attend this Workshop?

• Understand better the advantages of SOA and web services in public sector finance

• Exchange views and compare use cases with your peers and customers

• Learn more about creating synergies and increasing efficiency through open standards

• Equip yourselves with latest information on European government requirements

• Assess strategies to avoid vendor lock-in and promote choice.

Participation in this Workshop is at no cost, but registration is essential. Places are limited to 50. The SPFF will provide coffee & water, lunch etc.  Please register online now