2011 Cloud Symposium


10-13 October
Ditton Manor, Heathrow, UK

Professionals from the U.S., Canada, China, Japan, India, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, and many countries within Europe converged at ICS to share experiences on Cloud adoption challenges & barriers, as well as the latest developments in successful Cloud computing implementations.

A full report of the dialogue that took place during ICS will be posted soon.


Peter Brown, official of the European Parliament (on leave), talks about ICS and the forgotten public policy issues surrounding the Cloud...

"ICS offers a truly global perspective of the standardization issues that need to be addressed by Cloud computing--issues nobody else has been able to deal effectively at a national or regional level. I'm really proud that we've been able to bring together such a diverse group of high level people from Europe (Siena Project), North America (NIST), and Asia for this event."

John Sabo of CA Technologies discusses how standards provide policy makers with the certainty and predictability they need....

"It’s one thing to pass a law to say that if you’re a citizen of country X that your data needs to be protected in a certain way. It’s another thing if a system or a very complex system of systems can deliver that. That’s where the worlds of policy and standards come together."