Identity Management Conference, 27-28 October, Washington, DC

Proposal Guidelines

OASIS invites proposals that share experiences and knowledge, through case study presentations, interoperability demonstrations, and Q&A debating roundtables. Implementation case studies that address the critical technical, business and cost-benefit issues currently being faced in identity today, are of particular interest. Also encouraged are proposals that analyze the challenges and bottlenecks faced by both developed and developing countries.

Submissions will be judged not only on the quality and originality of the material, but also on how well they draw valuable lessons and relevance of emerging technologies.

The Program Committee will peer-review all proposals and reserves the right to adapt or restructure proposals submitted to ensure an interesting and compelling program. Below are a few more details regarding the speaking opportunities at the conference:

  • Presentations will generally be about 30 minutes in length, including question & answer time.  Proposers may express their wish for a longer or shorter presentation timeslot, although the program committee may in some cases decide differently due to program constraints.
  • Debating roundtable sessions are generally about 60 minutes in length. Proposals for these sessions should include the topic, three to four potential panelists (name and/or role) and proposed format (e.g. Q&A only, mixture of short presentations and Q&A).
  • Interoperability demonstrations (InterOps) are designed to showcase multi-vendor implementations of approved OASIS work.  An InterOp should be endorsed by one or more OASIS TCs. Proposed InterOps will need to follow the InterOp Policy found online.  InterOps will be scheduled to take place during designated InterOp demonstration times throughout the two-day conference.

OASIS will publish online proceedings of the conference. Proposers should arrange any necessary releases for publication prior to submitting proposals.

Speaker substitutions are not permitted, except in the case of an emergency and are subject to Program Committee approval.  Selected speakers will receive a complimentary registration to attend the event.

To Submit a Proposal:

Please send your submission using the online form found at:

<<Online Submission Form>>

You will need the following information:

  • Contact details (full name, affiliation, postal address, and contact info) for main presenter
  • Full list of additional presenters and/or panelists, if any (including full name, affiliation, postal address, and contact info for each)
  • Brief biography (one paragraph) for all presenters/panelists
  • A brief session description for website promotion, if selected
  • Designated topic area, select best fit
  • An abstract between 500 and 2000 outlining the subject, title, and summarizing the key points of your proposal.  Abstracts less than 500 words will be rejected.

All submissions will be acknowledged.

<<Frequently Asked Questions>> -- please review our list of FAQ.

Important Date:
  • Proposals due by-- 4 June 2010
  • Notifications will be sent by -- 7 July 2010
  • Presentation slide deadline will be -- posted soon
  • Conference Dates -- 27-28 September

For further information, comments, and questions, send email to

Special Note Marketing/promotional submissions will not be considered for the programme. The proposals must be submitted online in the requested format and must be original work of professional quality.