2009 eGov DC Workshop - 17 April 2009 - Washington, D.C., USA


Workshop Overview

The OASIS eGov Washington Workshop will be organized jointly by the OASIS eGov Member Section and the World Bank e-Development Thematic Group, Global Information and Communication Technology Division.

This one-day Workshop offers a unique opportunity to exchange experiences amongst professionals from the public administration and the private sector regarding the significance of open standards for efficient and transformational government. Learn more...

Workshop Highlights

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Who Should Attend

The OASIS eGov Workshop will bring together up to 100 professionals onsite at the World Bank in Washington, D.C.

In addition, interactive video links will facilitate participation by officials from many emerging markets and developing countries. Representatives of many countries where the World Bank finances eGovernment projects will participate, including Mexico, Colombia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Bosnia, and other countries in central and Eastern Europe.